Apart from having fun and blasts during college days, students also have to effectively accomplish their college level projects. These projects, carried out on a basic or preliminary level, are known as Academic Projects. Such projects are generally the first step towards getting acquainted to the real time processes of the actual industry. Being thorough with learning and training is a must, when you work on such academic level projects. We undertake project guidance for students studying for B.Tech./MCA./BCA/MSc Computer Science/BSc Computer Science. The project provided depends on the topic of interest and the domain. Students can be provided with real projects also if sufficient time persists for completion of the project. The projects are of short duration from 6 months to 12 months. We also undertake IEEE project papers.

Do you know that more than 90% of the Computer Science students are not making their Projects by their own??

CWSC believes that more than 90% of students in Engineering Colleges (Computer Science Dept.) are simply purchasing their final project from the market. By this practice they neither get the thorough knowledge in their project and thereby both loosing marks in Project review and also not able to face technical interviews in company’s recruitment’s. These days off campus job is very tough with such situation. In the semester end most of the student buy ready made projects from market. “Both money & time is just a waste”

Why this happens??

    • Due to lack of Technical knowledge of the subject.
    • Lack of miss Guidance
    • Lack of ideas in project development.
    • Lack of information about procuring electronic components for the Project.
    • Non-availability of required facilities in labs (in some colleges or Institute)
    • And most important non Experience trainer .

CWSC provides Innovative project Ideas and guidance  

The BCA,B.Tech(CS/IT) , MCA  and O/A/B-Level programme prepares the students to take up positions as Programmers, Systems Analysts, Systems Designers in the field related to Computer Science and Information Technology,  students may go for higher studies in this area. We had therefore imparted the comprehensive knowledge covering the skills and core areas of computer science courses with equal emphasis on the theory and practice in BCA,B.Tech(CS/IT) , MCA  and O/A/B-Level programme.

The  students are encouraged to involve themselves completely on the project work in their final semester. It is advised to students to develop their project for solving problems of software industry . Doing this will give more exposure to handle real life problems of project development.

This project work is kept in BCA,B.Tech(CS/IT) , MCA  and O/A/B-Level program to give you opportunity to develop quality software solution. During the development of the project you should involve in all the stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) like requirements analysis, systems design, software development/coding, testing and documentation, with an overall emphasis on the development of reliable software systems. The primary emphasis of the project work is to understand and gain the knowledge of the principles of software engineering practices, and develops good understanding of SDLC.

Students should take this project work very seriously. and project should be taken as an opportunity to develop software, which gives exposure to SDLC. Topics selected, should be complex and large enough . The project should be genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else. Students should strictly follow and adhere to the Respective Guidelines which is provided by University.

The goal of our training is to equip the CWSC with practical skills in various trade therefore they are prepared to put theoretical knowledge to practical use. CWSC offers an opportunity to the students by providing them the best training, a learning environment with latest hardware and software technology, the best infrastructure and the separate R & D department. CWSC learns the complete cycle of software development which opens many career doors other then the development for their placement. CWSC  is responsible for adding professional skills sets to students, making them capable of achieving higher goals and become successful in life. A completely dedicated team with industrial consultants is continuous engaged in market research to study future trends and generate placement opportunities as per the industry requirement. CWSC Classes are well designed format structure formulated for IGNOU / MAKAUT(WBUT) / SMU / PTU /  STATE UNIVERSITY / CU / NIELIT(DOEACC) / etc. B.Tech(IT/CS), BCA,MCA, M.Tech O/A/B-Level  students Looking 100% Result Orientation with live Project Training.

CWSC unique features:

    • Expertise in Technical domain. ( More the 10 years Experience in Technical domain)
    • The training offers hands-on lab experience packed with expert knowledge.
    • Understanding & then developing Project by self.
    • Easy procurement of electronic components/ tools/ equipment’s needed in project for students.
    • Acknowledgement on the Project can be received globally through web portal.
    • Learning performing in a team & project management.
    • Delivery of the training will be learner concentric. Multiple delivery techniques will be used – not just lectures.
    • Project Related all Materials will be provided along with the session.

Why choose CWSC ?

    • Hands-on experience in Live Projects.
    • Master Technologies & Improve your employment prospects.
    • Step by Step Lab – oriented Training.
    • Experienced Trainers.
    • Flexible Timings. 
    • Regular / Weekend / crash courses are available
    • The required accessories for training like LCD Projectors 
      and hardware components will be brought for training.
    • Minimum  Cost
    • Mini Project Training  duration :- 6 Months (Starting from 4th)
    • Final project Training  duration :-12 Months(Starting from 5th)
    • Also available for Project Guide Signature and as well as Viva Preparation
    • Weekend  and  evening classes are available(for working students )
    • 100% Project Approval guarantees(For IGNOU)